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Photo by  Lourdes Rojas.

Hello there! I'm Patricia Guerra, but please call me Pachi. I grew up in a Caribbean island, were I first knew I wanted to solve communication problems visually. So I studied Communications Design. One summer I earned a scholarship for an illustration course in New York, were I learned how to think outside the box and the importance of breaking the guidelines once you've learned how to use them. Then, I left The Caribbean and lived for 4 years in Italy, were I fell in love with Art History and philosophy. Later on, I moved to Barcelona were I learned about strategies, marketing and art direction. I moved back to the Caribbean, where I worked as a creative and art director for 4 years. Now I've relocated to The Netherlands, looking for new challenges, to learn from talented creative people and at the same time benefit others with my own way of creating things. 

Pachi Guerra

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